Prices range from £35 per various sits / 24 Hour Pet And House Sit 

PRICES start from £10 per hour / visit / walk / Feeds & Companionship & Love & Playtimes.

Half Day, Afternoon, Evening Pet Care Sits available 

Cat Sitting

£10 per 40 minute visit if located in Carbis Bay or £20 per up to 2 hour visit in St Ives or surrrounding areas. 

Pop in service for feeding, refilling your cat’s water bowl, cleaning and replenishing of litter tray. Followed by some good quality time with your cat, whether it’s playing with toys or just having a good stroke and fuss. 

Solo Dog walks  / Pet Visits / Puppy Visits

£10 per walk/visit for 30 minutes if located in Carbis Bay,

£15 per walk/visit for 1 hour if located in Carbis Bay,

or from £20 per up to 2 hour walk/visit in St Ives or surrounding areas, £5 per additional dog if medium to large size dogs.

Perfect for puppies who have not yet had their vaccinations or are not ready to be walked within a busy pack. This session includes a potty break, feeding, water bowl refilling and lots of playtime and cuddles.

Pop in service to provide feeding, fresh hay, refilling of water bottles and removal  and cleaning of pee and poops

TRAVEL FARES allowance by public transport may be requested depending on the sit, and for pre assignment meet and greet.
Payment in full is required before commencement of the sit or by the 1st day of the sit, preferably cash, or via Bacs bank transfer;  cheque  is also acceptable.
Please contact me to discuss your pets requirements, as I offer so many things for your beloved pets that it is difficult to quote a one price fits all
Oscar one of the 5 Golden Retrievers I looked after - here as a puppy
OSCAR – a big softie! 🐶