Terms & Conditions

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These Terms and Conditions apply by Mutual Agreement between the Pet Owner/Client (“Client”) and Christine Bradly as sole proprietor of TrustedPetandHouseSitter – and are agreed upon Confirmation of Booking of Pet Care Services. Please sign below as the Client, alternatively, your email confirmation of acceptance will suffice:

1. The rate payable is per day, from the day I arrive to the day I leave, not per night, and total sit price is as set forth in the confirmation of booking of the sit sent to Client by email, text, or letter.

2. Payment in full is required preferably before the commencement of the sit, or by the first day of sit at the latest, preferably in cash.  Bank transfer, or cheque also acceptable.

3. Pet Food: Client agrees to provide enough food for their Pet(s) for the duration of the sit, and full instructions of all feeding and special dietary requirements for their pets.

4. Behavioural Issues/ Medication: Client undertakes to inform me before the booking of the sit, of any pet behavioural issues such as anxiety, excessive barking or crying where the pet isn’t suitable to be left with sitter, any aggression to people or other dogs or animals, including serious biting  to me or others when the pet gets tired, 

excessive strong pulling on lead/untrained to walk on a lead or any other issues,   of  special medications that need to be administered by me, and ensure the pets have all their flea, tick, worm treatments uptodate.

If there is any risk of injury or risk of infestation of fleas to me, Client must notify me before the booking of the sit, so I have the choice to decide to decline the sit. Failure to do so entitles me to cancel the sit at any time after booking, with all costs incurred payable to me, and my time booked still payable by Client.

5 All cats must be neutered or spayed, and no cats or dogs to be on heat/in season during a sit or walk, or times of  pet care.

6 All dogs must wear a collar and an ID tag which has the pet owners tel no clearly marked on the ID tag.

7.Client must ensure their house is clean and tidy, and provide a spare bedroom for the sitter to sleep in that isn’t the Clients or family’s  own bed, and  provide clean bedding,  that is fresh and crisp, and looks clean, and that the sitter has sole access to the property and no other people will be staying at the property at the time of the sit.

8. Feeds/Activities/Walks/Playtime: Client will leave full instructions regarding any pet, their feeds, medications, playtimes, favourite games, activities, toys, walks, routines and routes or maps of walks which may be useful.

9.Toilet Issues. Please make sure all doggies are trimmed short around the bottom toilet areas, so faeces is not caught in their furr or in case of any unfortunate upset tummy incidents.

I will not be responsible for cleaning doggies after each toilet, or cutting their fur around the area,  or having to clean furniture of faeces, as a result

10 Keys: Client will provide keys for the property, and also provides an additional SPARE KEY for access to the property left in a safe place, or with an accessible contact nearby.

11. Pet Equipment/Toys: Client agrees to supply all equipment required for their pets/animals (Harnesses, leads, bowls, balls, activity, toys, beds, snuffle mats, cool coats, cool mats, towels to dry pets, carry cots for vets).

12. Client informs me before booking the sit, if they have cctv or any cameras outside or inside the property…and ensure no cameras, or hidden cameras are located in bedrooms, or bathrooms..I may choose to decline the sit if I feel any cameras are intrusive to my privacy, and wellbeing. 

13. Vet Contact Details: Client will leave full Vet contact details, carry cot, a contactee who will provide transportation to and from the Vet, or agrees to cover my taxi costs to and from the Vet.

14. Contacts: Client agrees to provide two or more persons as contacts, one of whom must be able to make any veterinary treatment decisions or  life decision regarding a pet on their behalf if Client is unreachable;

Any breach  of this contract agreement of Terms and Conditions may result in cancellation of the sit at any time, by the sitter, before or during the pet sit with full payment paid for time booked and all costs and expenses incurred paid by the client.

This is not a distance or online agreement and does not fall under the consumer protection regulations.

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER – I hereby give Christine Bradly of Trusted Pet And House Sitter full permission
and discretion to seek veterinary treatment of my pet(s) should the need arise, with my normal
veterinary provider, or contact person nominated by me as Client, in the event of illness or emergency,

The client agrees to cover all costs associated with any veterinary treatments or costs,

In the unlikely and unfortunate event that a pet becomes seriously ill to a life threatening degree, and a veterinary decision has to be taken: 

I will not take responsibility for the decision of the euthanising of any pet; any decision is the responsibility of the pet owners; if they are not contactable, then the decision is the responsiblity of the veterinarian and emergency contact (if they’ve provided one), and if they are not contactable, then the decision is the responsibilty of the vet;

and agree I shall have no claim against Trusted Pet And House Sitter arising from any illness or injury to
my pet(s),

and I agree to the Terms and Conditions above upon confirmation of Booking of Pet Care Services by Trusted Pet And House Sitter, Christine Bradly.




Signed by Trusted Pet And House Sitter – Christine Bradly: